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Bulk Mesh Shopping Bags

“Avoska” (Russian), “Kubi Bukuro” (Japanese), and “Einkaufsnetz” (German) - these are all names to describe string mesh bags - a handy invention popular in almost every culture for its muti-functionality and sustainability!

Armed with an airy open-netted design and easy-to-carry tote handles, mesh string bags are fast becoming a crowd-favorite accessory when grocery shopping. Read on to learn how buying mesh shopping bags wholesale for all your storing and organizing needs is also a step towards a plastic-free life.

What Goes into Creating a Sustainable Mesh Shopping Bag

Most commonly found mesh bags in the market are made from non-woven, synthetic materials like nylon or polyester. While these bags are reusable and durable, they aren’t exactly good news for the planet in the long run. 

The bags we offer are made from 100% certified organic unbleached cotton. Let’s spend a minute on why this variety of cotton is a greener alternative to synthetic fabrics and, for that matter, even regular cotton. 

Organic cotton is 100% biodegradable, just like any other plant-based fiber. But there’s more. This type uses significantly less water to grow than conventional cotton and is cultivated without GMOs, chemical pesticides, or fertilizers. Meaning, mesh bags made from organic cotton are just as practical with the added advantage of being more sustainable than synthetic mesh, regular cotton bags, or the dreaded single-use plastics. 

The Many Benefits of Buying Bulk Mesh Shopping Bags

If you are looking for a multi-purpose eco-friendly alternative to plastic shopping bags, look no further than an organic cotton string mesh bag. Here are some of the many benefits of these bags.

  • Breathable: The open-netted design spells wonders in terms of aeration, making these bags perfect for storing and preserving fresh produce.

  • Reusable: Thick and hardy construction means these bags hold up well even when used rigorously. To clean, toss the dirty ones in your washer (cold cycle) and hang them dry. 

  • Tote Handles: A classic string mesh design is incomplete without easy-to-grip tote handles that don’t chaff or leave welts on your hands. The comfy handles make it easy to lug the bag around and also score in the looks department.

  • Robust Construction: We make our bags from high-quality natural and organic cotton. They are ultra-durable, and you’ll never feel them reeling under the weight of the contents or snapping open. These bags are stretchy but not to the point of touching the ground. 

  • Compact: One of the biggest perks of a mesh bag is its compactness is their adaptability. The bags fold down to a small size enough to place a few of these in your big canvas shopper on your next visit to the farmers market.

Much More Than Just a Bag: Versatile Uses of Mesh Bags

In the 1930s economically-crippled USSR, people made it a point to carry string mesh bags in their pockets. The bag was called “avoska,” which loosely translated to “just in case” or “hopefully.” The moment anyone would chance upon ration or consumables, they would scoop it up and stash it in their avoskas. For the Soviet citizens, a string mesh was more than just a bag - it represented hope. 

Here are some more examples of their versatility.

1. Carry and Storing Fresh Produce

Take a few of our mesh bags along on your next visit to your local farmers market to be fully sorted storage-wise. The sturdy construction ensures your shopping doesn’t fall through the holes or bring the bag down from the weight. Plus, you won’t have to transfer the contents when you’re home - These bags are designed to hold and store produce in a pantry or a vegetable crisper drawer.

2. Washable and Reusable Beach Bag

An ideal beach bag should be washable and easy to smush to fit in a suitcase. A mesh string bag ticks all of these boxes. These bags are expandable and offer plenty of room to store your beach essentials. What seals the deal is the natural, unbleached cotton color and trendy tote handles that are just summer-perfect.

3. Organizing Toys and Knick Knacks

Mesh bags are the stuff of dreams for organized and detail-oriented folks. These bags are a level up on ordinary boxes because of their open weave, making it easy for kids to locate their favorite toys without having to dump everything over.

4. Drying Herbs

If you own a herb garden, you should definitely get some of these. Fill the bags with fresh herbs and hang them to dry using their super convenient handles. Make sure the spot where you hang the bags gets a good amount of sunshine.

5. Laundry Bag for Delicates

A mesh bag in your bathroom can double up as a laundry bag for your delicate clothing. 

Mesh Shopping Bags Wholesale - A Smart Decision for Your Business 

Whether you’re buying produce at a farmers market or selling there, having bulk mesh shopping bags around will make your task a whole lot easier. A solid yet flexible build with open nets provides a ventilated home for every type of produce - herbs, fruits, veggies, and leafy greens. If your customers forget to bring their bags, you can hand them these (free or at a nominal charge) to improve their shopping experience.

Our lightweight and foldable mesh bags will amaze you with their capacity and strength. As with all our products, we use only the highest quality and responsibly sourced organic cotton to craft a washable, reusable, long-lasting bag that’s worthy of you and your customers. 

A quantity as low as 25 bags will give you access to mesh shopping bags wholesale prices. Place your order here!
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