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Wholesale Turkish Towels

Towels are the unsung heroes of our cleanup routine. As essential as they are in our everyday lives, we don’t give as much thought while shopping for them as apparel or skincare products. But a good towel can make all the difference in improving hygiene and comfort. 

If you don’t already have a favorite type of towel, say hello to the ultra-versatile Turkish Towels - The quick-drying and highly absorbent companion to keep you dry, warm, and comfy from bath to beach. 

The All-Rounder Towel  - Why We Love Turkish Towels

The origins of these large-sized flat-woven towels can be traced back to the 17th century Bursa, Turkey. Their lightweight, thin, and tightly woven construction made these colorful patterned towels a staple at Turkish bathhouses (Hammams). These towels offer the best of both worlds - contemporary utility with traditional aesthetics. And they seem to be catching everyone’s fancy nowadays. Here’s why:

100% Organic Cotton: Turkish towels are commonly woven from cotton, linen, or bamboo. For our towels, we rely on pure organic cotton. The gentle fabric is as soft and breathable as regular cotton but more earth-friendly. It’s ideal for sensitive skin and carries no harsh chemicals or dyes. Wash it as often as you like, and it’ll come out of laundry only softer and more absorbent.

Quick Drying: The biggest USP of Turkish towels is their fast-drying quality. Unlike other bath towels that take multiple cycles of tumble drying, Turkish towels need just a bit of air drying before reusing. 

Sand-Repellent: What makes these towels perfect for a trip to the beach is their tightly woven structure that doesn’t hold on to sand or other particles. You can shake the sand right off it before tossing it in the washer. 

Large: Use them for drying or as a beach cover-up - Organic Cotton Mart towels measure a generous 71 x 37 inches. Despite their large dimensions, these thin and lightweight towels fold down to a considerably smaller size, occupying only a sliver of space in your travel bag. 

Highly-Absorbent: Our Turkish towels hold on to their softness and high absorbency wash after wash. In fact, their texture only gets better with time.

Colorful: Turkish towels also stand out from traditional towels because of their classic striped and dual-toned aesthetics. Take your pick from our Aqua, Beige, Navy, Peach, Teal, and Silver Gray color options. Each towel boasts classic white stripes that go well with a wide range of decors. 

The Many Uses of Versatile and Travel-Friendly Turkish Towels

Turkish towels fare well in a number of settings – from baths to beach and everything in between. Their sizeable dimensions make them a versatile possession. Towel, sarong, blanket, mat, table cloth - A Turkish towel can don many hats.

Drying and Wiping: The most common utility of these towels is to absorb water and dry the user in the process. These will help maintain hygiene by soaking up excess moisture that can otherwise be a breeding ground for bacteria. 

Picnic Mat:  With Turkish towels, you can travel light. This multi-purpose invention can just as easily be used as a small rug or mat, whether you’re picnicking, camping, or sunbathing.  

Essential Beach Gear: If you’re a water baby and hit the pool or the beach often, you need to get these pronto! The finer weave gives them quick-drying and absorbent qualities while also making it easy to dust the sand off. Reach for them after your swim or sunbathing and use them as a cover-up, thanks to their 71 x 37-inch size. 

Outdoor Table Cloth: When you’re eating at a campsite and need something to lay out the food on, simply turn to your set of Turkish towels. Thin, large, and machine-washable, these towels can go from dry to keeping you warm and are a must-have for any outdoor adventure. 

Makeshift Blanket: A set of good quality Turkish towels is all you need to keep your family dry and warm outdoors. Our catalog offers an array of vividly colorful options, a classic stripe design, and a cozy texture. Fast-drying towels, beach wraps, baby blankets, or decorative throw blankets - Turkish towels can be whatever you’d like them to be.

Eco-Friendly and Easy-Maintenance Commercial Towels 

Also known as Peshtemal and Foutas, Turkish towels are almost always made from pure cotton. However, if you love preserving the planet as much as us, we recommend opting for towels made from eco-friendly and ethically sourced organic cotton. 

Here’s why you should consider buying a wholesale quantity of sustainable towels for your home or business.

1. Beach Shacks and Water Sports

Wholesale Turkish towels is an excellent purchase for water sports companies, beach-based business, and commercial places with pools. The luxurious look and feel will enhance customer experience, meanwhile, the bulk pricing will translate into huge savings for your company.

2. Hotels and Spas

This is where Turkish towels were born centuries ago - at traditional bathhouses and Hammams. A considerable chunk of a spa owner’s expenditure goes toward buying and maintaining a sufficient inventory of towels. You would need good quality towels that are machine-washable, quick-drying, durable, and cost-effective - Bulk Turkish towels fit these requirements to a T.

3. Gifting

Towels aren’t usually looked upon as a gifting option, but that doesn’t apply to the eye-catching and versatile Peshtemals. An exotic, functional, and unique gift to give your employees or friends. 

Experience Beach Bliss with Bulk Turkish Towels

Whether you’re looking for towels for your home or business, with such wide-ranging uses, you’ll certainly need more than one! Organic Cotton Mart Turkish towels are crafted from 100% certified organic cotton. Our product is silky soft, hypoallergenic, and machine-washable. 

Each cotton towel is prewashed to prevent any shrinkage. Our USA location and fast shipping courtesy of UPS allows us to ship your order within two working days. Ordering a sample before placing a bulk order is absolutely hassle-free. Get all the information your need and place an order for your bulk Turkish towels here!
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