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Laundry bags are one of those household items we don’t usually give much thought to, considering how organized and sorted they make our lives. From holding and carrying dirty piles of clothing to doubling up as a storage sack for comforters and shoes, there’s virtually no limit to its uses.

While laundry hampers come in all shapes and sizes, here we shine the spotlight on the environment-friendly, machine-washable, foldable, and easy-to-carry cotton canvas bags. And why they make such a fabulous addition to homes as well as commercial setups.

Benefits of Choosing a Cotton Canvas Bag as Your Laundry Hamper

Place a pile of dirty clothes somewhere, and voila! A beautiful living space transforms into something unrecognizable within minutes. What’s needed is a designated storage space to keep the never-ending pile of washing out of sight. 

With multiple sizes, styles, and materials, choosing the right laundry hamper can be confusing. But, if foldable, easy closure and eco-friendly qualities mean as much to you as us, an organic cotton canvas bag is all you’ve been looking for.

  • Foldable and Travel-Friendly: Compared to steel, plastic, or wicker baskets, cotton canvas bags take up much less space. When not in use, these bags can be folded and stashed in a drawer. Their space-saving design also makes them perfect for taking along with you on work or leisure trips.

  • Easy-Secure Drawstring Closure: The easiest way to stop your dirty washing from spilling over is to secure it inside the laundry hamper or basket. The drawstring closure mechanism comes in handy whether you decide to use the bags as laundry basket liners or storage sacks for toys.

  • Sustainable: A bag made of pure organic cotton is an earth-friendly alternative to plastic laundry baskets. The all-natural fabric is cultivated gently without harming the planet. The heavy-duty cotton canvas also holds up well to years of everyday use and is incredibly easy to maintain.

Make Laundry Time a Breeze with Sustainable Cotton Canvas Bags

Now that you’ve decided to go with bags to store your laundry - we’d love for you to try our large-sized cotton canvas bags. Sustainable, large storage capacity, washable, and user-friendly - Organic Cotton Mart’s canvas laundry bags tick all the right boxes.

Eco-Friendly Organic Cotton: No harmful chemicals or dyes are present at any stage of our manufacturing or finishing process. Our thick and strong canvas bags are made from a certified organic cotton variety known for being a remarkably lower-impact crop than conventionally produced cotton.

Large Capacity: Our bags measure 28”x28”x9,” a generous size to accommodate a week’s worth of washing for a family of four.

User-Friendly: Our customers love the ergonomic handles and drawstring closures that come with the bags. The drawstrings are easy to close and keep the clothes in place, while the sturdy handles are a big help while lugging the load to the laundry room or laundromat.

Rip-Resistant: The canvas material on its own is hailed for its robust qualities. When combined with double-stitched seams, what you get are bags that will serve you for years on end. They can fit huge loads without ripping or breaking.

Space-Saver: As roomy as these bags are, they are also space-saving. Unlike a basket or a bin, they don’t occupy a permanent spot in the house. When not in use, they can be folded down to keep the space tidy and clutter-free. 

Machine Washable: When you notice these bags getting dirty or smelly, simply toss them in the washer along with the rest of your laundry.

Long-Lasting Bulk Laundry Bags with Versatile Uses

These versatile bags are a one-stop solution for laundry storage woes for any business that uses linen and towels (think hospitals, dorms, and hotels). Here are the ideal uses for wholesale canvas laundry bags.

1. Home Use

The organic cotton origin of these bags makes them a perfect addition to the laundry routine of eco-conscious souls. Their multi-purpose functionality and reusability also make them a big hit with our minimalist customers. You can use them to separate your darks, lights, and delicates or as multi-purpose storage sacks to hold anything from shoes to books.

2. Laundromats

and drycleaners with hotels, healthcare facilities, and college dorms in their client list should buy these bags for easy storage and transportation of laundry from one location to another. We keep these bags free from tags and logos so that you can adorn them with your branding.

3. Guest Laundry

Organic Cotton Mart’s cotton canvas bag is an efficient and eco-friendly solution for in-house laundry at hotels and B&Bs. You can print logos or brand artwork on these bags and place them in guest rooms for hassle-free collection and return of washing and dry cleaning.

Why Opt for Wholesale Laundry Bags

If you’re looking to order laundry bags wholesale for your business or home, you can take advantage of our heavily discounted pricing. You don’t have to buy hundreds of bags; a minimum quantity of 25 bags is enough to get you a pocket-pleasing deal.

These bags score high on durability and functionality, making them ideal for commercial and industrial laundry setups. Plus, we keep them intentionally blank and free of tags and monograms so you can customize them with your brand.

Our 100% organic cotton canvas bags are made with love and care in India, but our U.S. location enables us to ship them to you within 1-2 business days.

Don’t miss out on huge savings! Explore our catalog and place your wholesale laundry bags order today!

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