Collection: Wholesale Dust Bags for Handbags, Purses & Shoes

Ever wondered why most high-end luxury brands package their products in cotton drawstring bags? These aren’t just ordinary bags but a protection layer to shield delicately-crafted items from sun exposure, moisture, dust, color transfer, and general wear and tear. But that’s not all they’re good for. Dust bags have several other uses that make them a mighty functional day-to-day essential for a homeowner as well as a business owner.

Dust Bags – Long-lasting Protector for Shoes and Purses 

Anyone with a generous selection of shoes, handbags, and wallets knows the value of an excellent dustproof bag. Without these bags, your precious possessions, on which you’ve spent good (and hard-earned) money, may fall prey to mold, color transfer, and bruises. 

The same holds for businesses selling footwear or handbags. Expensive and finely-crafted items deserve a great storage bag that offers all-around protection, come hail or storm. 

What to Look for in Wholesale Dust Bags for Shoes

Dustproof shoe bags are versatile enough to put an end to your storage or packaging woes. When shopping for these bags, pay close attention to the following factors to pick the style that suits your needs. 

  • Material: Dust-free bags are usually made from cotton mainly because of the fabric’s high breathability and low maintenance. Our lightweight and durable bags are woven from environmentally friendly organic cotton and have a soft interior lining to keep your valuable items airy and in mint condition. 
  • Size Options: When purses and shoes come in various dimensions, how can the storage bag be one size? For this reason, we offer bags in a wide range of sizes, from 12” x 15” all the way to 20” x 26”, to meet your storage requirements.
  • Convenient Design: You may have noticed that shoe bags typically feature a handy drawstring closure. Such a design is a fantastic space saver in comparison to other styles, as these bags take the shape of the items inside them. Besides drawstring closure, our bags boast robustly stitched seams. You’ll never have to worry about rips and tears with them. 
  • Reusable and Washable: Cotton as a fabric is easy to maintain and can withstand everyday use. Our sustainable organic cotton bags are machine washable, quick-drying, and can be used for years.

Eco-Friendly Wholesale Dust Bags for Handbags and Footwear 

A reliable, customizable, eco-friendly dust bag can add tremendous value to your business by protecting your goods while also letting your customers know what your brand stands for. Here’s why buying them in bulk is such a good idea. 

  1. Protective 

    There’s no denying that the most common use of these bags is to protect luxury items like shoes, purses, wallets, and other accessories from environmental damage. If your business involves selling any of these items, procuring wholesale shoe bags will help in more ways than one.

  2. Sustainable

    By avoiding harsh chemicals, pesticides, and GMOs and having low energy and water requirements, organic cotton cultivation is changing the world for the better. Every product in our catalog is made using the highest quality, certified, 100% organic variety of cotton. The eco-friendly all-natural fabric paired with a robust construction makes our bags reusable, sustainable, and biodegradable.

  3. Customizable

    Cotton as a material is relatively easy to print on. Our bags are made from non-dyed, sustainable cotton with a natural hue for easy customization. You can retain their natural shade or tweak the colors to your brand palette. We’ve intentionally kept our wholesale bags free of tags or monograms, ready for bespoke printing - Add logos or any promotional content that can draw attention to your brand. 

  4. Stylish

    Dust bags scream quality and luxury. An item packaged or stored in one of these bags sends a clear message to your customers that what they’re buying is worth protecting. Not to mention the bags themselves are aesthetically quite pleasing. 

  5. Breathable Cover for Leather Goods

    Shoes or products made from natural materials like suede and leather require a cool and dry storage environment. Stocking up on wholesale shoe bags will help protect your leather goods from dust, mold, and scratches while keeping their luster intact. 

Wholesale Shoe Bags - Alternate Uses

Dust bags are highly functional and versatile tools to have around. Here are some of their many uses that have nothing to do with shoes and handbags. 

  1. Space Saver Travel Bag

    Why use the bag to store only one item when it can accommodate much more? Our drawstring cotton bags are travel-friendly and can carry medium to heavy load depending on the size you pick. They are ideal for holding and protecting your embellished purses, buckles, shoes, and toiletries on the go. After all, isn’t eco-friendly living all about making the most of what you own?

  2. Laundry Bag

    Well-stitched cotton body with a drawstring closure makes our dust bag perfect for holding your dirty laundry before you’re ready to do the load. If that’s what you have in mind, we recommend our Large (19” x 23”) and X-Large (20” x 26”) sizes.

  3. Makeup Organizer

    Need help with a makeup mess? No, we don’t mean lousy makeup but a drawer cluttered with beauty products. This spring cleaning, rely on our small-sized (12” x 15”) dustproof bags to sort and store your skincare, makeup tools, and toiletries.

Eco-Friendly, Soft, Lightweight, and Durable Dustproof Bags at Incredible Prices

From carrying to storing to protection, there’s nothing that these bags cannot do. At Organic Cotton Mart, you don’t have to order a huge quantity to get yourself a pocket-pleasing deal. We offer attractive bulk discounts at a low minimum quantity of 50 bags. That’s not all. Our US location and UPS tie-up enable us to fulfill most of our orders within 1-2 business days. 

Reach out to us and order wholesale dust bags today!

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    Sustainable Products

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    Fast Shipping

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