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Bulk Canvas Wine Totes

Whether you are a devoted oenophile, an aspiring connoisseur, or a winemaker, you need something dependable to transport your precious cargo. How about something that looks as good as your favorite bottle of wine and also happens to be planet-friendly? Read on to learn more about our sustainable, durable, and stylish wine bags and all the ways you can benefit from buying them in bulk. 

The Perfect Wine Caddy

Red, white, or sparkling, an impressive selection of wine deserves an equally fabulous carrier. Here are some factors that matter the most when it comes to a wine carrier. 

Organic Cotton Canvas: The fabric used to make the tote determines not only its durability but also how it scores in environmental friendliness. A wine tote made from certified organic cotton canvas trumps single-use plastic and paper bags. It’s also a more responsible choice than traditional cotton totes. As a crop, organic cotton is free of GMOs, chemicals, and pesticides and cultivated with substantially less energy than its water-guzzling conventional counterpart. 

Double-Stitched Construction: It’s good to opt for a tote that’s strong enough to carry multiple wine bottles without them clinking or clashing with each other. Our ultra-durable totes are double-stitched with utmost precision. Meanwhile, the caddy layout gives a designated compartment for each bottle. The soft, easy-to-grip handles enhance overall portability, comfort, and longevity. 

Good Storage Capacity: The ideal wine bag should have ample space to accommodate a few bottles and hold them securely in place. The totes in our catalog are roomy enough to store up to six bottles. Meanwhile, the wide opening makes loading and unloading incredibly easy. 

Easy Maintenance: 100% cotton canvas makes for a breezy washing and drying experience. You can simply toss the bag in the washer along with your laundry whenever it needs a bit of freshening up. 

Bulk Canvas Wine Totes – Why Should You Buy Wholesale?

We cannot think of a better carrier than a 100% organic cotton canvas bag for environmentally responsible wine lovers. But why spend more money on per-unit prices when you can get a lucrative canvas wine tote wholesale deal? Here’s why maintaining a stockpile of these totes is a smart decision.

  • Customizable: Think of our light, natural, and creamy-colored tote as a blank canvas. You can jazz it up to suit your style or print logos and artwork to promote your brand. With these wine totes, the world is your oyster!

  • Stylish:  Elevate your hosting game by delighting your guests or clients with these all-natural and chic wine bags. Custom artwork or an imprinted logo will remind your customers of your brand/winery every time they carry these totes.
  • Sustainable: Organic cotton is one of the most sustainably produced fabrics around. So how can anything made from this fabric be anything but earth-friendly? By choosing these cotton totes over single-use plastics or paper bags, you’re saying yes to the global sustainability movement. 

  • Affordable: As successful business owners, you’d agree that buying wholesale is always more economical than per unit. The savings really stack up well in the long run. Even an order quantity as small as 25 bags can get you a fantastic wholesale deal on our reusable canvas wine totes.

The Perfect Gift for a Wine Connoisseur

There’s a reason these wine totes are grabbing the fancy of every vino-lover out there. They are eco-friendly, good-looking, versatile, and hardy. Here are some great ideas to make the most of your fabulous wine tote.

1. Gifting

Have a party or a luncheon to attend? Don’t waste time over what gift to get your host or hostess. Instead, keep a stock of these totes and fill them with your friend’s favorite wine every time you have an event to attend. Not just oenophiles, the versatility of these totes make them perfect for teetotallers as well. You’ll never have to spend time in gift planning again!

2. Picnic and Travel

Organic Cotton Mart totes are travel-friendly and can safely house up to six bottles. The double-stitched construction and structured design mean you’ll never have to worry about anything splashing, clinking, or breaking inside the bag! Picnic, beach, or camping, take your favorite drink wherever you go.

3. Shopping

Wine totes don’t have to be wine totes all the time. These double up as reusable bags for your trip to the grocery store or the farmers market. 

How Buying Wine Bags Wholesale Can Help Business Owners

So far, we’ve talked about some of the most common uses of these wine totes. Now, let’s get into specifics of how a bulk stock of these bags can add value to your business.

1. Sustainable Wine Packaging

Bags that offer protection and padding for glass bottles ranks high on the list of essentials for a winemaker or vineyard owner. However, not all bags are great for the environment. A green packaging solution like this organic cotton tote will help lower your carbon footprint and position your brand as eco-friendly.

2. Corporate Event Giveaways

You don’t need to be in the wine-making business to benefit from these reusable totes. Anyone who organizes and attends launch events, influencer meets, or mixers knows the importance of giveaways. Customize our cream-colored totes with brand artwork and stash them with goodies to capitalize on the event and promote your business.

3. Wine Tasting Treats

Deliver a thoughtful finish to your customer’s wine tour with a complimentary tote – perfect for carrying wine and pleasant memories home with them.

The Finest Organic Cotton Canvas Wine Totes with Fast Shipping and Wholesale Prices

Organic Cotton Mart canvas totes are precision-stitched, machine-washable, and versatile - designed to keep you in high spirits! You can buy them for personal use or customize them for your business. Our discounted bulk orders start from as few as 25 bags, and we can ship them out to you within two working days. 

Place your canvas wine tote wholesale order here!
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