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Monks Cloth Punch Needle Fabric

Monks Cloth Punch Needle Fabric

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Below is pricing information based on the quantities:


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Monks Cloth Precut 2 Yards Piece

Up to 50 pieces



51 to 100 pieces



101 to 150 pieces 



151 to 200 pieces


201 to 250 pieces $17.50
251+ pieces $17
Monks Cloth Precut 4 Yards Piece Up to 50 pieces $37
51 to 100 pieces $36.60
101 to 150 pieces  $35.4
151 to 200 pieces $35.00
201 to 250 pieces $34
251+ pieces $32

Organic Cotton Mart is pleased to offer monks cloth fabric for our valued wholesale clients. Whether you are stocking your retail fabric and craft store or are making custom rugs and carpets, Organic Cotton Mart is the best place to source wholesale monks cloth fabric.

Monks Cloth Fabric

Monks cloth fabric, also known as punch needle fabric, is used in rug hooking, rug punching and other products that use evenweave fabric. It can also be used to add decorative borders onto throw blankets, towels, pillows, wall hangings, and clothing.

Monk’s cloth fabric has four warp and four weft threads weaved to form holes for the punch needle or rug hook to easily punch through. The weave of this fabric makes it very durable and strong. It gets its name from its origins as the main fabric used for monk’s habit.

Since monks cloth fabric is made of 100% cotton, it is prone to shrinkage. Make sure to allow for approximately 15% shrinkage when figuring out the total length of fabric needed. Before use, it is recommended that a line of zig-zag stitches is added to the cut end and washed in cold water. Monks cloth fabric should be laid flat to dry.

The natural fibers of cotton allow monks cloth fabric to be easily stretched across a frame. Cotton has natural give so it can be moved easily on a frame and repositioned. This makes completing custom rug hooking and carpet pieces much faster and allows for more precision.

High-Quality Fabric

Organic Cotton Mart only stocks the highest quality, certified organic monks cloth fabric. High-quality monks cloth fabric allows for effortless rug punching and rug hooking. Projects created on our high-quality organic monks cloth fabric will be much easier to create and last for a long time.

For our craft and fabric store clients, your customers will be pleased with how easy it is to use our high-quality monks cloth fabric. For our artisan clients, you will be able to complete your pieces much faster.

Organic Cotton Mart’s monks cloth fabric is available in a variety of sizes. We can accommodate uncut bolt orders or precut 1 yard, 2 yard or 4 yards sizes. If you have any questions about our monks cloth fabric size availability, please contact our customer service department.

Organic Cotton Monks Cloth Fabric

Just like all of our products at Organic Cotton Mart, our monks cloth fabric is certified organic cotton. This certification means that our fabric is made of 100% organic fibers.

Organic certification means that our organic cotton monks cloth fabric is organic all the way from the cotton seed to the finished product. This includes growing and harvesting techniques, handling of the raw cotton and manufacturing of the monks cloth fabric. In order to achieve GOTS certification, the fabric must not be treated with bleach, formaldehyde or other toxic chemicals. Your customers can be assured that your monks cloth fabric retail sales or custom products are made from safe, healthy and environmentally friendly fabric.

Fast Delivery

At Organic Cotton Mart, we are proud to offer high-quality monks cloth fabric with a fast turnaround time. Our fabrics all ship from our American warehouse, so all domestic orders can be quickly accommodated. Our packing and shipping times are incredibly fast.

When you order from us to an American address, you will not need to deal with added customs, taxes and import fees at any time. Our orders ship directly to you from our American warehouse without crossing any borders. Your organic monks cloth fabric will arrive quickly and without hassle.

Incredible Customer Service

Not only do we offer incredibly high-quality organic cotton products, but we do it with exceptional customer service. At Organic Cotton Mart, our US-based customer service team is happy to help you with any wholesale order questions or concerns you might have. We are easy to talk to and are eager to make sure that our wholesale customers are well taken care of.

Company with Purpose

Organic Cotton Mart is proud to carry only 100% certified organic cotton products. We specialize in cotton and we’ve put our expertise at work in order to offer our wholesale customers the highest quality cotton monks cloth fabric.

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